For residential or commercial customers. Whether you need a key locking, a digital combination lock or even a biometric locking safe with our range of suppliers we can help. We deal with Chubbsafes, Securikey, Phoenix Safes & the Burton Safe company.

We mainly hold the Chubb safe range in stock including home safes, laptop safes, hotel safes and deposit safes.
For home contents insurance purposes safes are graded on the security of the lock, strength of the bolts and thickness and strength of the door/walls and given an overnight ‘Cash Rating’. The most common options are £1000, £2000, £3000, £4000, £6000, £10000 upwards.

If you are only securing valuables, the ‘Cash Rating’ is x10. For example a safe with a £1000 rating is equal to £10,000 worth of valuables. Please note you cannot secure both £1000 cash and £10K of jewellery but you can split it i.e. £200 cash & £8K valuables.

Before purchasing a safe, think about what you want to secure. Will it more valuables, than cash? Paperwork or Data? Etc.. and where will it be positioned? Your safe will have to be bolted down (either base or rear fix) to concrete/brick. Also, think about future purchases, it may be worth investing in a safe with a higher cash rating.


Safe Options
Home safes are designed to be more compact and easier to install than commercial safes. They include locks and storage features suitable for domestic requirements. Home safes often include a 30 minute fire resistance this can be increased by using a fire proof wallet ideal for things like passports.

Fire paper safes are suitable for storing important paper documents such as birth certificates, wills, house deeds, contracts, business documents.

Fire data safes are suitable for storing, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, hard drives etc Data requires greater protection than paper as the media can melt or become corrupted at a lower temperature.

Laptop safes are constructed in a shape suitable for storing laptops, iPads and other tablet computers.

Deposit safes enable you to deposit cash throughout the day without opening the safe. This is popular in shops where the deposit slot is designed to prevent contents being fished out.

Hotel safes come with a master override key or code to ensure the hotel owners can gain access if the visitor loses the key or forgets their combination..