Registered Keys

Registered keys also known as restricted keys or security keys are ideal if you require key control.

We offer an EVVA EPS System. The main feature of EPS is the restricted, patented, multiple overlapping key profile. This profile with intersecting levels ensures key protection to legal standards, thereby reducing the risk of replication. The  EVVA EPS system is avialable in all types of cylinder profiles including 1* & 3* Anti-snap, Anti-pick, Anti-drill Euro Cylinders, also various finishes, even black.

Perfect for commercial properties, landlords, Airbnb, a secure office or storage room, residential houses etc.. Padlocks can also be supplied for gates or containers. Any application where increased security is required.

Any cylinder operated lock, like a Yale nightlatch or Multi-Point lock, commonly found on UPVC doors, can be replaced with a registered key profile cylinder. You can also have more than one lock under the same key if required.

On supply or installation of your lock, a key registration form will be provided, it MUST be returned within 14 days of purchase. You can have up to 5 registered signatures. Keys will not be issued without written authorisation and a record is kept of all keys supplied.

Additional keys can be supplied same day.