Master Key Systems

Master suites are designed to meet your individual requirements. So if you only want the cleaner to have access to the communal areas or contractors only to have access to the riser cupboards these options can be incorporated into the system. Suites can be provided on an open section (keys can be cut anywhere) or a restricted key section.

A master suite can be anything from just 3 cylinders to multi-building systems.  Mainly used in schools, HMO’s, office blocks, sheltered housing, hotels etc. Yet, master suites are not just for commercial use. Do you hold spare keys for a vulnerable relative, sister, brother even the in-laws? Then a mini suite is ideal. They will all have keys that only open their door but you only have to have one key that opens everything.

We offer an Evva EPS Restricted Key Section. The main feature of EPS is the patented, multiple overlapping key profile. This profile with intersecting levels ensures key protection to legal standards, thereby reducing the risk of replication. A special feature of the system is the large key cross-section. This ensures that EPS functions fault-free and is hardly prone to wear.

When mounted with a suitable protective fitting, standard EPS cylinders comply with locking security grade 6 and attack resistance grade 2 of EN 1303:2005. Standard models are suitable for EI30 and E30 fire and smoke doors. On request, 1* and 3* cylinders with enhanced protection against drilling, i.e. using carbide elements, may also be supplied. The small carbide plates withstand even special pulling tools.

We hold all cylinder profiles in stock and in various finishes. As we build everything in house this allows for a fast turn-around of additional locks and keys.